Wine appreciation

The group meets every 2 months, on the 3rd Monday of the month.

Members will taste certain wines from selected regions as specified by the host for that particular meeting. The initial idea is that pairs of Group members provide a bottle of wine between them with a limit of £10 a bottle. Each pair will present a short story on its characteristics/history/origin etc.  Members will contribute towards the cost of cheese and biscuits.

Dining 2

We meet occasionally to enjoy a meal and good company

Dining 1

We are a group of 30 people that meet occasionally to enjoy a meal and good company.

Members of the group are invited to organise a meal each month for either lunch or early evening on a date of their choosing.

The time and date of each meal is circulated by the group leader, when members are invited to contact the meal organiser to book their meal. Generally that involves making a menu choice at the time of booking.

Those attending at any one time will number between 15 –20.

August dining is a BBQ when members bring along a plate.