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This is an article published in the Spring 2017 edition of the Hayling Island U3A newsletter...

In the past year we've managed to cycle every month albeit with a few postponements for bad weather. Recent destinations have included: The Deck in Emsworth, The Woodmancote (in Woodmancote), Portsmouth Hot Walls and a round the harbour trip that avoided the Eastern Road.

We occasionally ride further to places like Petersfield and Chichester with the option to use the train for part of the way.

If you fancy a social ride making the most of our quiet roads, why not join us?

There are no rules about what you wear or the type of bike you ride (but, of course, it must be roadworthy). We don’t ride fast and most of our rides consist of around 2-3 hours on the bike with a break for coffee and cake (or what you fancy) in the middle. If you’re worried about distance, most of our rides go through the car park next to the Spring Centre in Havant so you could meet us there.

If you’ve got a bike that needs some attention, we might be able to help.

Click here to contact group leader: Andy Henderson.

What you need on a ride

You need sufficient confidence and experience to ride on the road. We do our best to avoid busy roads, but that's not always possible. If you lack sufficient confidence or experience, get in touch - we might be able to help.

It's not our intention that you should have to invest heavily in equipment, clothing, tools, or spares before joining a ride.  You don't need special cycle clothing as long as you are protected from the elements. You do, however, need a serviceable bike. Let us know if you'd like us to check out your bike before a ride.

Spares and tools can come in handy but you will be able to borrow tools from other riders if you need them.  We can also help you repair a puncture. It is, however, prudent to bring a suitable spare inner tube with you since there's no guarantee that we can accommodate punctures in every type of tyre.

You should consider bringing the following in case you need them:

  • A map or maps covering the general area of the ride.  Even a page taken out of a motoring map can be useful in the very unlikely event you get detached from a ride (it hasn't happened to any of our riders yet).
  • We usually stop for coffee/tea and cake or a light meal during each ride.  You should therefore bring some money with you. In any case you should bring some cash and/or cards in case of emergencies.
  • A mobile phone could be very useful, if you have one.
  • Please carry details of an emergency contact with you - in your wallet or purse, for example. If you are a member, we also ask you to store your emergency contacts on this web site.
  • Water is particularly important during hot summer months - you need to be able to take a drink from time to time to avoid dehydration.
  • Some food with plenty of calories can help you replenish energy if you join us on one of our occasional, longer rides.