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Walking routes

The following pages contain maps of some of the walks done by the Walking group recently. You'll see a button to show the route towards the bottom of each linked page. You will also see a button to download a 'GPX' and/or 'KMZ' file that you can use with:

  • a GPS device
  • a smart phone with a suitable app (such as Osmand)
  • a PC with suitable software (such as Google Earth).

You can use the maps to plan another walk for the Walking group, or to walk the route yourself.

We'll be building the list over time.

Available maps:

I forgot my username or password

Every current member of Hayling Island U3A has a username and password that gives access the the members' area of this site.

We sent an email to everyone when we launched the site providing usernames and passwords. All new members are notified of their credentials when they join.

This article explains what to do if you have lost or forgotten your username, your password or both.

The process depends on your current situation:

  • If you know your username, use the procedure described below to reset your password
  • If you do not share your email address with another member of Hayling Island U3A, use the procedure described below to reset your password.

If neither applies to you, you will need to find out your username. Either Andy Henderson or Bryan Bowen can tell you your username.

Your password is stored by the web site in such a way that no-one can retrieve it. Not even site administrators. Instead, the web site gives you the ability to reset your password using the procedure below. This procedure requires you to have an active email address registered with the web site. If you have provided a dummy email address or or one that doesn't work, you will have to provide Andy Henderson or Bryan Bowen with a new password so they can reset it for you.

To reset your password via the web site, click a link to the members' area. You'll find one in the menu bar and another in the area at the bottom of any page in the site. When you click the "Members' area" link you will see the login page...

Retrieve Password 1

Click the message 'Click here if you forgot your password'. You will see this page...

Retrieve Password 2

If you know your username enter it in the box provided. Otherwise you can use your email address - but only if you do not share it with another U3A member.

Click 'Get New Password'. The web site will then send you an email that tells you your username and gives you a link to click. When you click the link you will see this page...

Enter new password

Enter your new password in both boxes provided. If the two versions match, the site will store your new password. You can now go to the members' area of the site using the username provided in the email sent by the web site and the password you just provided. To make sure you have them available when you need them, make a note of them now. Alternatively, set yourself up with a password manager that can keep track of all your ids and passwords and - in many cases - can enter them for you. I can recommend LastPass which is available as a free service.

Why don't I get U3A emails?

The emails get sent - honest.  But several people claim they don't get them, or that they get them intermittently.

There's nothing special or different about Hayling Island U3A emails.  In fact, when people manage to track them down, they usually find emails from other people have gone astray too.

This note will hopefully help you find out where they are going and how to make sure they arrive OK.

It describes:

  • Some basic principles
  • The main reasons for emails going astray
  • What you can do about it
  • What we can do about it
  • Some specific step-by-step instructions

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Guidance for group leaders and members

This is the guidance note produced and agreed by the U3A committee in July 2015. Click any heading below to see the relevant section...

  1. An interest group may be set up at the request of three or more Members, subject only to paragraph 2.1 below. Members should approach the Group Co-ordinator in the first instance.
  2. All Members of Hayling Island U3A shall be eligible to start, lead and/or host and attend all interest groups, subject only to any limitation set by the host, or by a leader where a group meets other than in a members' residence.
  3. In the event of a Group being oversubscribed, a waiting list shall be opened and maintained by the group leader and the Group Coordinator.
  4. The decision on the appointment of an interest group rests with the U3A committee.

  1. Interest Groups are expected to observe the Aims and Objects of Hayling Island U3A as set out in the Constitution.
  2. The committee shall have the power to suspend or terminate the activity of an interest group in the event of a breach of the Constitution.

  1. The Group Leader will tell the Group Co-ordinator when there are vacancies, the information will be published on the monthly meeting notice board, and via the monthly e-mail to all members.
  2. It is for the group leader together with the members to decide upon the format and topics of the group meetings, who should lead the group at each meeting, together with the time and location meetings will take place.
  3. Groups are encouraged to hold 'open' meetings once or twice a year. This may involve hiring a suitable venue. The Group Co-ordinator will offer advice.
  4. Where a Member has missed three meetings without giving a reason, it shall be deemed that the Member has resigned and the place offered to a person on the waiting list.

  1. The Hayling Island U3A has a duty of care to all its members to ensure that its activities take place in a friendly and safe environment and in a non-discriminatory manner. Group members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that respects and encourages the participation of others in a pleasant environment that is condicive both to learning and to the enjoyment of the activity.
  2. Similarly, members are expected to respect the environment in which the meeting takes place, especially where meetings take place in private homes.
  3. In the event of inappropriate behaviour the group leader may warn the member involved that any repeat of the behaviour may lead to suspension from the group. In either case the group leader shall immediately inform the group co-ordinator, or if not available, a member of the committee.
  4. In the event of serious or continuing inappropriate behaviour the U3A committee has the powers to suspend the offender for a period of time or permanently from participation in a U3A group and other activities. Except in the event of extreme behaviour, e.g. violence to another person or deliberate damage to property that warrants immediate action, the committee shall not permanently exclude a member until the matter has been referred to The Third Age Trust for advice.


  1. Interest Groups shall be self-funding (see 6.1)
  2. It is expected that members should make a voluntary contribution towards the cost of refreshments and other overheads when attending interest group activities held in a member's home. This payment is not part of the funding of the Hayling Island U3A. Hosts shall not be expected to account to the Branch for the disbursement of this contribution.

Other fees and contributions

  1. Additional fees may be payable by members of groups e.g. where the cost of hiring a hall or equipment is involved.
  2. The group leader, or nominated member of a group collecting such fees, shall maintain a record of receipts and disbursements, and shall, if requested, present to the Treasurer a record of such receipts and expenditure.

Banking facilities

  1. Under no circumstances may a group open its own bank account. The Treasurer will arrange with the group leader to set up a specific Hayling Island U3A account if deemed necessary.
  2. The group leader or nominated member of the group should, in general, pay monies payable to Hayling Island U3A into the relevant account.
  3. The group may keep funds within the account for as long as required. The Treasurer will issue a statement showing this group's transactions and their cash balances each September and on request at other times.

  1. Subject to formal approval by the Committee a grant may be made for capital equipment, where the equipment is essential for the further development of the group. Any capital equipment purchased for a group shall remain the property of Hayling Island U3A, and may be used by any group at the discretion of the Committee.
  2. A group leader must maintain a record of the location of any capital equipment held by the group.
  3. The Resources Officer will annually, or when otherwise necessary, ask the group leader to present the equipment for inspection.
  4. The Resources Officer should be consulted on all matters of maintenance and repair and the replacement of equipment.

  1. It is the responsibility of members offering transport for fellow members to ensure that they have the appropriate insurance. Formal charging for private transport is illegal but voluntary contributions can be accepted.

  1. It is essential for U3A insurance purposes that group leaders ensure that all members of their group hold current membership of HI U3A. (You can see a copy of the information sheet 'U3A and you' here).
  2. A group leader must complete an accident report form in the event of any accident to a member, however minor the incident, during a group activity. (You can get a copy of the form here).
  3. The accident report form must be passed to the Group Co-ordinator or The Chairman within 48 hours of the incident.

  1. All group leaders will maintain an updated list of contact numbers for members attending their group in case of emergency.
  2. It is prudent for members hosting U3A meetings to ensure that the members attending are aware of any alternative fire or emergency exits where they exist; e.g. back door and patio doors.
  3. Whilst it might not be appropriate to have these exits unlocked, the keys should be readily available.


Our constitution

Constitution of the Hayling Island University of the Third Age (U3A),
a member of the Third Age Trust as an unincorporated association.

Click any heading below to see the relevant section...

The name of the charity is Hayling Island University of the Third Age hereafter referred to as ‘The U3A’.

Subject to the matters set out below the U3A and its property shall be administered and managed in accordance with this constitution by the members of the elected Executive Committee, herein referred to as The Committee, constituted by clause 6 of this constitution.

The Objects of The U3A are:

  1. To advance the education of the public and in particular the education of older people no longer in full time gainful employment, in Hayling Island and its surrounding locality.
  2. The provision of leisure time and recreational activities with the object of improving the quality of life for the above persons in the interests of their social welfare.

  1. In furtherance of the Objects but not otherwise, The Committee may exercise the following powers to :
  2. Raise funds and to invite and receive contributions provided that in raising funds The Committee shall not undertake any substantial permanent trading activities and shall conform to any requirements of the law.
  3. Receive donations, endowments, sponsorship, grants legacies and subscriptions from persons desiring to promote all or any of the Objects of The U3A and to hold funds in trust for the same.
  4. Buy, take on lease or exchange any property necessary for the achievement of the Objects and to maintain and equip it for use.
  5. Sell, lease or dispose of all or any part of the property of the U3A, subject to any consents required by law.
  6. Co-operate with other charities, voluntary bodies and statutory authorities operating in furtherance of the Objects or of similar charitable purposes and to exchange information and advice with them.
  7. Support any charitable trusts, associations or institutions formed for all or any of the Objects.
  8. Appoint and constitute such advisory committees as The Committee may think fit.
  9. Organise and run conferences, lectures, seminars and courses.
  10. Publish books, pamphlets, reports, leaflets, journals and instructional matter and to produce films and videos.
  11. Participate in and assist in the development of area and regional groupings of U3As.
  12. Do all such other lawful things as are necessary for the achievement of the Objects.

  1. Membership of the U3A shall be open to individuals and any corporate body or unincorporated association, interested in furthering the work of ‘The U3A’, provided that they agree to abide by this constitution and any conditions properly imposed by The Committee and to pay the annual subscription as determined by The Committee and confirmed by the membership at an Annual General Meeting.
  2. Every individual member shall have one vote.
  3. Each member organisation shall be entitled to receive notice and attend General meetings of The U3A having appointed an individual to represent it and informed the Secretary of the details but shall have no voting rights.
  4. The Committee may and for good reason terminate the membership of any individual or
    member organisation if annual membership or other fees are unpaid after 3 months from the due date or if the member or member organisation acts in a way which is prejudicial to The U3A or to the running of The U3A or brings it into disrepute, provided that the individual concerned or the appointed representative of the member organisation concerned shall have the right to be heard by The Committee accompanied by a friend who may also speak, or make written representation before a final decision is made.
  5. Members of other U3A may attend the monthly general meetings of The U3A without entry fee, on presentation of evidence of membership.

  1. A member of another U3A seeking to join an Interest Group shall be invited to become an
    Associate members of The U3A with voting rights at an AGM and on payment of a subscription at a rate to be determined from time to time by the Committee and on proof of valid membership of another U3A.
  2. An associate member shall rank equally with HI Members for access to groups, e.g. placement on a waiting list; or in the formulation of groups.
  3. As a member of a group an associate member shall receive the same benefits and accept the same responsibilities as home members e.g with regard to financial contributions: and shall observe the provisions of the HIU3A constitution.
  4. An associate member may at any time transfer to full membership of HIU3A.

The management of The U3A shall be vested in a Committee, consisting of members whose duty it shall be to carry out its general policy and to provide for the administration, management and control of the affairs and property of The U3A.

  1. Honarary Officers and Committee Members
    At the Annual General Meeting of The U3A the members shall elect from among themselves the listed officers:

    1. Chairman
    2. Vice Chairman
    3. Secretary
    4. Treasurer

    And the listed Committee posts:

    1. Membership Secretary
    2. Interest Group Co-ordinator
    3. Communications Secretary
    4. Newsletter Editor
    5. Speakers Organiser
    6. Resources, Equipment and Procurement Officer
    7. Network liaison Co-ordinator
    8. The President as ex-officio member

    All of whom shall hold office from the conclusion of the AGM at which they are elected.

  2. President
    A retiring Chairman shall become President of the U3A with an existing President becoming Past President. The President or a Past President as agreed between them shall have responsibility for ensuring that no Committee member is disbarred or disqualified under Charities legislation from acting as a Trustee of the Hayling Island U3A Charity.
  3. Co-option
    The Committee may appoint not more than 2 co-opted members at any one time for such period as it deems necessary and confer voting rights as it deems appropriate. Co-option shall not extend beyond the next Annual General Meeting. Persons who are not members of the U3A may be invited by The Committee to serve for such period as it deems appropriate because of their special expertise. They shall have no voting rights and their term of service shall expire at the next Annual General Meeting.
  4. Vacancies
    Vacancies on The Committee which arise through resignation or termination during the year shall be filled by the Committee from the membership and such an appointee shall complete the term of service of the member he or she is replacing and shall be eligible for re-election in the prescribed manner at the next Annual General Meeting.
  5. A member of The Committee shall cease to hold office if he or she:
    1. is disqualified from acting as a member of The Committee by virtue of section 72 of the Charities Act 1993 (or any statutory re-enactment or modification of that provision).
    2. becomes incapable by reason of mental disorder, illness or injury of managing and administering his or her own affairs.
    3. is absent without the permission of The Committee from 3 consecutive meetings and The Committee resolve that his or her office be vacated.
    4. is subject to a vote of no confidence from The Committee as a result of actions which bring The U3A into disrepute or conduct prejudicial to The U3A or failure to abide by the terms of this constitution or decisions of The Committee.

  1. The election of members of The Committee shall be held at the Annual General Meeting of the U3A.
  2. The newly elected Committee shall take office at the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting.
  3. Officers and Members shall serve for a period of two years. Retiring Officers and Members may stand for re-election.
  4. To provide for management continuity:
    1. The Chairman, Secretary, Group Co-ordinator, Speakers Secretary, Newsletter Editor and Network Liaison Co-ordinator shall be elected in even numbered years.
    2. The Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Communications Secretary and the Resources and Procurement Officer shall take place in odd-numbered years.
    3. In the event that a vacancy occurs during a two year tenure of office the replacement shall serve for the unexpired period of office until the next scheduled election.
    4. It shall be for the Committee to decide how best to fill any vacancy.
  5. Nominations
    1. Nominations for Officers posts and for membership of the Committee, together with the names of the Proposer and Seconder shall be made in writing to the Secretary at least 14 days before the AGM.
    2. In the absence of written nominations, the Officer responsible for the conduct of the
      election shall invite nominations from the assembled members at the AGM.
    3. In the absence of written nominations and nominations from the floor, at the AGM, the Committee shall meet within seven days to appoint post-holders from among the membership. A simple majority among committee members present and voting shall suffice. In the event of a tied vote the senior officer present shall have a casting vote.
  6. Conduct of elections
    1. Any election shall be supervised by the Chairman, except when he or she is being elected when the Chair should be passed to the Vice-Chair or the next most senior Officer present.
    2. In the event of an election, two tellers shall be appointed from among the Committee, the two longest serving Committee members present, not standing for election, shall act.
    3. Elections shall be by secret ballot on papers prepared as necessary. Only members present at the AGM shall be entitled to vote. The Supervising Officer and the two tellers appointed at the meeting shall not vote. However in the event of a tie the Supervising Officer shall have a casting vote.
    4. Election shall be on the basis of simple majority i.e. the person with the most votes shall be elected.
  7. Officers of other U3A may not be elected as officers or committee members of Hayling Island U3A.

  1. The Committee shall hold at least 4 ordinary meetings each year.
  2. A special meeting may be called at any time by the Chairman or by any two members of The Committee upon not less than seven days’ notice being given to other members of The Committee of the matters to be discussed unless it concerns the appointment of a co-opted member in which case not less than twenty one days notice must be given.
  3. For the purpose of determining who shall Chair a Committee meeting seniority shall be,
    Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer.
  4. There shall be a quorum when at least five members of The Committee including one Officer, are present at the meeting.
  5. Every matter shall be determined by a majority of votes of the members of The Committee
    present and voting on the question but in the case of equality of votes the Chairman of the
    meeting shall have a second or casting vote.
  6. The Committee shall keep minutes of the proceedings of its meetings which should incorporate reports of any sub-committees and these minutes shall be available for inspection should a member request it. The minutes of all meetings shall be retained by the Secretary permanently.
  7. The Committee may from time to time make and alter rules for the conduct of their business, the summoning and conduct of their meetings and custody of documents. No rule may be made which is inconsistent with this constitution.
  8. The Committee may appoint sub-committees consisting of at least one of its members for the purpose of performing any function or duty which in the opinion of The Committee would be more conveniently undertaken or carried out by a sub-committee, provided that all acts and proceedings of any such sub-committees shall be fully and promptly reported to the Committee.
  9. No Committee member shall be chargeable or responsible for loss caused by any act done or omitted to be done by him/her or by any other Committee member or by reason of any mistake or omission made in good faith by any Committee member or by reason of any other matter other than willful and individual fraud or wrongdoing or actions knowingly beyond the scope of a specific authority or limit thereon on the part of The Committee member in question.
  10. The proceedings of The Committee shall not be invalidated by any vacancy among their number or by any failure to appoint or any defect in the appointment, election or co-option of a member.

The Committee shall from time to time approve and issue written guidance for Group Leaders.

  1. The funds of The U3A, including all donations, contributions and bequests, shall be paid into an account/accounts operated by The Committee in the name of The U3A at such bank as The Committee shall from time to time decide. All cheques drawn on the account must be signed by at least 2 Committee members.
  2. The funds belonging to The U3A shall be applied only in furthering the objects.
  3. No funds shall be transferred in any way to Committee members, provided that nothing herein shall prevent the payment in good faith of reasonable and proper out of pocket expenses incurred in the course of U3A work.
  4. All proper costs, charges and expenses incidental to the management of The U3A and membership of the Third Age Trust may be defrayed from the funds of The U3A.

Ownership of all property is vested in the U3A. U3A property shall be applied solely towards the objects of The U3A.

Items may with the agreement of The Committee be transferred on a temporary basis to a nominated member’s home in pursuance of the his/her designated role until such time as the member’s tenure of office ceases or The Committee request its return.

The Committee shall comply with their obligations under the Charities Act 1993 (or any statutory reenactment or modification of that Act) with regard to:

  1. The keeping of accounting records for The U3A;
  2. the preparation of annual statements of account for The U3A;
  3. the independent examination of the statements of account of The U3A; and
  4. the transmission of the statements of account of The U3A to the Charity Commission

The Committee shall comply with their obligations under the Charities Act 1993 (or any statutory reenactment or modification of that act) with regard to the preparation of an annual return and its transmission to the Commission.

  1. There shall be an Annual General Meeting of the U3A which shall be held in the month of
    September in each year or as soon as practicable thereafter but not later than 15 months after the preceding Annual General Meeting.
  2. Every Annual General Meeting shall be called by The Committee. The Secretary shall give at least 21 days’ notice of the Annual General Meeting to all the members of The U3A. All the members of The U3A shall be entitled to attend and vote at the meeting.
  3. Accidental omission to give notice to any member shall not invalidate the proceedings of the General Meeting.
  4. The Committee shall present to each Annual General Meeting the report and accounts of The U3A for the preceding year for approval.
  5. The Committee shall seek approval for the appointment of the examiner for the accounts.
  6. Nominations for election to The Committee must be made by members in writing and must be in the hands of the Secretary of The Committee at least 14 days before the Annual General Meeting. Should nominations exceed vacancies, election shall be by ballot.
  7. Any proposals to amend the constitution subject to clause 18 shall be considered at the Annual General Meeting and any other business published in the agenda.

The Committee may call a Special General Meeting of the charity at any time if at least 20% of the members request such a meeting in writing stating the business to be considered. The Secretary shall call such a meeting.

At least 21 days notice shall be given. The notice must state the business to be discussed. There shall be a quorum when 20% of the members are present.

Accidental omission to give notice to any member shall not invalidate the proceedings.

  1. The Secretary or other person specially appointed by The Committee shall keep a full record of proceedings at every General Meeting of The U3A.
  2. There shall be a quorum when at least 20% of the number of members of The U3A, are present at any General Meeting.
  3. If within half an hour from the time appointed for the meeting a quorum is not present, the meeting if convened at the request of the members shall be dissolved. In any other case it shall be adjourned to a suitable day and time as The Committee may direct provided 21 day’s notice is given to all members. If at the adjourned meeting a quorum is not present within half an hour of the time appointed for the meeting, the members present shall be a quorum.
  4. If there is a tied vote the Chairman of the meeting should have a single casting vote.

  1. Subject to the following provisions of this clause, the Constitution may be altered by a resolution passed by not less than two thirds of the members present and voting at a General Meeting. The notice of the General Meeting must include notice of the resolution, setting out the terms of the alteration proposed.
  2. No amendment may be made to clause 1 (the name of the charity) clause 3 (the Objects clause) clause 19 (the dissolution clause) or this clause without the prior consent in writing of the Commissioners.
  3. No amendment may be made which would have the effect of making the Charity cease to be a charity at law.
  4. The Committee shall promptly send to the Charity Commission a copy of any amendment made under this clause.

If The Committee decides that it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the U3A it shall call a Special General Meeting of all members of The U3A, of which not less than 21 days’ notice (stating the terms of the resolution to be proposed) shall be given.

If the proposal is confirmed by a two thirds majority of those present and voting The Committee shall have power to realise any assets held by or on behalf of the Charity.
Any assets remaining after the satisfaction of any proper debts and liabilities shall be given or transferred to other such local charitable institution or institutions having objects similar to the Objects of The U3A as the members of The U3A may determine or to the Third Age Trust Registered Charity No. 288007.

A copy of the statement of accounts or account and statement, for the final accounting period of The U3A must be sent to the Charity Commission.

Original Document 2006
Amended 2010
Amended 2015