U3A committee articles

U3A committee articles

Annual Accounts for 2014-15

This is a link to the annual  accounts  for last year which were approved at the AGM in September.

Compared with the previous year, income has decreased by £1465. Although subs and visitors are up by £343, last year we had two payments of gift aid which were £1790 greater than the single payment this year. This gift aid situation will not be repeated.

Costs have risen significantly, Newsletter by £360, meetings by £315, of which £270 was the additional refreshment expenses, Publicity and Group Costs totalled £640 (nil last year) and Admin costs rose by £233. Thus the total running costs rose from £5840 to 7490.

So the comfortable surplus of last year was reduced to a deficit of £51. The closing balance, without the project funds is £6139.

The expenditure of the planned part of the project was completed in February, with a small overspend on the original budget of £28. However book sales, not included in the planned budget, have realised £2781, and after further expenditure, including £1290 on a display board for the sea front, the project balance now stands at £1212.

Peter Hll,  Treasurer       21 October 2015