COVID risk analysis

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      Andy Henderson

      Our rides are a relatively low risk activity. we:

      • Spend our time outdoors
      • Don’t share equipment
      • Observe social distancing while cycling by its nature
      • Most, if not all, have had at least one vaccination dose
      • Ride during the week, avoiding the most popular cycling days (and risk of contact with other groups at stops)
      • We’ve not had any reports of possible infection contracted during previous rides

      Also, discussion among riders exhibits evidence that riders are doing their best to observe Government advice and regulation.

      The main risks associated with our activity are:

      • Starts: we meet at places where there is room to spread out. It’s not uncommon to have multiple start points.
      • On the ride: we will avoid bunching with other cyclists by:
        • Slowing down
        • Overtaking quickly
        • Taking an alternative route
      • On ferries: we will observe operator instructions and, in any case, follow social distancing
      • At stops: we will:

      We will keep a record of riders on each ride, just in case.

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