January 2019 ride

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      Andy Henderson

      The weather isn’t looking bad for next Tuesday: cold but mainly dry and not a lot of wind. It is, however, new year’s day and I know there are several people that will be otherwise occupied.

      So, please let me know what you’d like to do. I have three options for you:

      • Ride on 1st January
      • Postpone to the 8th January
      • Ride on both days

      The Woodmancote is a good destination this time of year because we can be flexible about distance. It is also open on new year’s day.


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      Derek Russell

      I’m grateful that someone is thinking ahead. Many thanks Andy.

      I have accepted an invitation for NY day and I have agreed a hospital appointment on 8 Jan so that just leaves me looking forward to February ‘s run. Bother.

      Happy Xmas, Derek

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      Carol Carter

      Hi Andy

      We are busy NYD, but Ok for 8th.


      Gil & Carol

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      David Dodgson

      Hi Andy,

      I am okay for either day.

      Best wishes .


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      Ann Kent

      Hi Andy, I would prefer the 8th


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      Peter Haskell

      Am also ok for either day. ..


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      Maggi Bridgman

      Mike and I might be ok on New Year’s Day but we will be seeing the New Year in, so it might be preferable to us to leave it until the 8th. If anyone is going on the 1st, we will make an effort to join them.


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      Christine Roberts


      Hi Andy,


      I am able to cycle both 1st &8th Jan.I shall watch this space..

      Thankyou for your organization.

      Chris R

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      Andy Henderson

      We have a few people prepared to ride on Tuesday and the weather’s looking OK so I’ll be at HIADS at the normal time for a ride to the Woodmancote via the Spring.

      I plan to ride on the 8th as well, but I won’t commit until closer to the time in case the weather is poor.

      All the best for the new year,


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