January 2020 ride

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      Andy Henderson

      2020? Really? How did that happen!

      I’ve been holding off posting because the weather forecast for Tuesday wasn’t promising. It was looking a bit better earlier today, but now it’s showing solid rain. Unless there’s an improvement we’ll have to postpone. I’ll post here closer to the time when the forecast is more certain.

      When we are able to ride, I suggest a visit to the ‘new’ Bumblebee café in Rowlands Castle, starting from HIADS at 10 as usual, going via the Spring for those who’d like to meet us there.

      If we do have to postpone, is Tuesday 14th good for anyone?


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      Peter Haskell

      7th looking better again but if not 14th is also free


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      Carol Carter

      Hi Andy

      We are currently in Lyme Regis and we would not be able to join you on Tuesday 7th.  If you postpone to 14th we would be able to join you.

      Happy New Year to everyone.

      Best wishes

      Carol & Gil

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      David Dodgson

      On grandparent duty this coming week so will not be able to make 7th . Unfortunately already committed on 14th.

      Best wishes for New Year.


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      I`m unable to join you this Tuesday due to a hospital appointment. Also already committed the following Tuesday. Hope that the weather holds for you.

      Wishing you all a Happy New Year.



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      Maggi Bridgman

      We can do the 14th if you decide to postpone the ride, Andy. Happy new year to all.


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      Christine Roberts

      Hi Andy,

      I can do Tuesday 7th or 14th.

      Look forward to catching up with everyone.

      Chris Roberts

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      Robert Hornby

      Happy New Year to you all.

      I’m free both the 7th and 14th.

      Cheers Bob

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      Anthony George

      Ok for either 7th or 14th.


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      Andy Henderson

      Weather forecast has been changing a lot, but it seems to have settled down and we should be dry tomorrow, so the ride is on. Please check back here tomorrow before joining the ride but if you don’t see anything to the contrary, see you tomorrow.


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      Michael Bridgman

      See you tomorrow at The Spring …if it’s not raining


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