July 2019 ride

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      Andy Henderson

      Last month we discussed a trip via Chichester, down the Salterns Way to Itchenor, across the ferry to Bosham and along the back lanes to Havant and Hayling.The weather’s looking good, so let’s go for it!

      There’s a train leaving Havant at 10.46 arriving 10.59 in Chichester. I therefore suggest we meet at Chichester BR station at 11.00. Those who want to do an extra 15 miles can meet me at HIADS at 9.30 to give us plenty of time to get to Chichester direct along the A259 using cycle lanes and cycle paths where possible.

      From Chichester BR we’ll use the cycle path through to Westgate, over the railway bridge to join the start of the Salterns Way at Apuldram Lane. My inclination is to stick to the road down to Dell Quay Road. There is an off-road alternative (which is part of the Salterns Way) but the surface isn’t great and it takes us a little out of our way – but we can discuss this on the day and even consider splitting the ride and rejoining further on.

      From Dell Quay Road we’ll follow the Salterns Way all the way down to Shipton Green. This is a mix of tarmac and off-road. I’ll be on 28mm tyres and don’t expect a problem – the off-road is not too bad.

      We’ll then be back on tarmac for all but 200m or so of the rest of the ride.

      At Itchenor we’ll stop at the Quarterdeck Café for an early lunch which will give the tide some time to go down a bit.

      We’ll then use the ferry to cross over to Bosham. From there we’ll find the back route to Havant (enjoying the new road surface in Westbourne) and back home.

      The distance from Chichester BR to home is around 26 miles (less than three hours on the bike). Those cycling from HIADS will travel an extra 15 miles.

      If you plan to join, please let me know which way you’ll be getting to Chichester so we don’t miss you.


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      Peter Haskell

      See you at HIADS at 9.30


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      Carol Carter

      Sounds good. We will meet you at Chichester.

      Gil & Carol

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      Maggi Bridgman

      That seems like an interesting ride. I can get a train to Chichester which arrives at 10.59 so I can meet you there, but I don’t like real off road stuff, I’m afraid. Hopefully there will be some choice on the day.


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        Andy Henderson

        The only alternatives to the off-road sections involve the busy A286, I’m sorry to say.


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          Maggi Bridgman

          Thanks, Andy, but it doesn’t look too bad so I’ll go with the flow. Mike is hoping to come too.

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      Ann Kent

      Sounds good but like Maggi I’m not keen on off road.  Will meet up in Chichester.


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      Anthony George


      Sounds a good ‘in.  Shame I can’t make it.  Bulgaria calls….


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      Hi Andy,

      Id like to join you on the ride on Tuesday. Like the Bridgman`s I will catch the 10.37 train which arrives in Chichester at 10.59. I am happy to include rough stuff into the ride.



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      Robert Hornby

      Hi Andy, I intend to make this ride, but I shall start at chi station.  I’ll catch the train just before the 1045 so arriving slightly early.

      I am looking forward to the pain!!!



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      Christine Roberts

      Hi Andy,

      I shall see you at the Spring ,Havant. Martyn fielding the cooker delivery ,sack truck at the ready….

      Chris R

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