March 2018 ride

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    Andy Henderson

    After a cold week it looks like the weather’s warming up (relatively) and next Tuesday doesn’t look too bad.

    How about a visit to Libby’s café in Westbourne? Like last month we can decide whether to take a direct route, or a longer one, on the day.

    What do you think?


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    Steve Golding

    Sounds good for me. I’ll be at Spring Centre 10:30 subject to weather staying favourable. Steve.

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    Carol Carter

    Hi Andy

    Good idea. I will meet you at the theatre. Gil not able to come on Tuesday.



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    Mike Bridgman

    We hope to join you on Tuesday

    I’m happy to lead a shorter ride as Maggi’s coming off the back end of a cold and would meet the longer route riders at Libby’s


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    Hi Andy,

    We intend to join you at The Spring tomorrow.  We haven`t been out on the bikes for a couple of weeks now and would choose the longer route!

    Martine and Phil

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    Christine Roberts

    Hi Andy,

    Yes Libby,s Cafe in Westbourne is fine by ma-whichever route is decided.

    Chris Roberts

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    Anthony George

    Sounds ok to me.

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    Maggi Bridgman

    I’m sad to say that I’ve had a nasty cough for a couple of weeks and am not as recovered as I thought, so I won’t be cycling again for a while. Mike will join you anyway. Enjoy your outing… I miss the cycling in the group

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    Derek Russell

    Hi Andy.  To my regret, I have carelessly committed myself to being at a sailing meeting tomorrow.. . . and just as the weather was turning better.  Still, I shall take the direct route to Portsmouth by bike and via the Hayling Ferry.

    Have a good ride.  Derek

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    Sylvia Clamp

    Hi Andy, thanks for organizing the cycle ride.  My first time out and I thoroughly enjoyed it, also thank you to the other cyclist in the group for making me so welcome. I will work on my gear changing to get up those hills quicker!

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