May 2018 ride

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    Andy Henderson

    The weather is extremely variable right now. I was out on Wednesday and we got: hot, cold, very heavy rain showers, hail, plenty of sun, and strong winds! All on one day. As I write this, the forecast for next Tuesday is for cold and damp conditions – but that could easily change. If not, I’ll suggest a postponement.

    Shall we try again for a Petersfield trip? As before, I expect most will want to take the train to Petersfield and cycle back. We have two routes back:

    1. Up Butser Hill – a short but very steep hill. Pushing up is not a great hardship and, from the top, it’s a pleasant route back to Rowlands Castle.
    2. Through the Butser Cutting – a shared walking and cycling path so no traffic. Not as steep a hill, but longer. From the end of the cutting we can choose between a short route alongside the A3 or we could go back via Chalton meeting up with the Butser Hill route.

    Which would you prefer?

    Whichever we decide, I plan to cycle to Petersfield using the alternate route.

    I know of a couple of good coffee shops in Petersfield:

    1. The Cloisters in the South East corner of the square
    2. Café Mezzo on the South side of the High Street near the corner with Dragon Street

    Let me know if you have a preference.


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    Ann Kent

    Hi Andy, sounds good to me, hope to go if the weather is fair. It will be a lovely ride back down to Finchdean with the trees all coming into leaf. I will take the train from Havant to Petersfield.

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    Mike Bridgman

    I’ll meet you in Petersfield Andy if it’s not raining. What time to you think you’ll get there? I’d favour your No 2 route back.


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    Derek Russell

    Hi Andy, I thought that I had replied to your message this morning, but my reply seems to have evaporated into the ether, and I must have pressed the wrong button (or something).
    Very unfortunately I will have to give the ride on Tuesday a miss, and I guess you may not have heard the unusual reason before. At 10am I need to be on a good wifi connection and connected to Ticketmaster, because the tickets for the NFL (American football) games to be played at Wembley go for sale then. We lived in Jacksonville for 18 months many years ago, and my son and I have created a short-lived tradition to go to the Jaguars game in London. If you have to postpone because of weather etc, I am on for the following week.
    have a good ride, Derek

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    Andy Henderson

    There’s a train to Petersfield from Havant at 10:40 that gets to Petersfield at 10.56. I’ll aim to be at Café Mezzo from around 11. We can decide a route back when we meet.


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      Derek Russell

      If I am ready to go immediately after a successful session on the web, if the wind is in the right direction, if the gods are kind
      then I might just get on the 10.40 train. I shall try.

      My only previous experience of taking a bike on the train was to / from Brighton, and they would not let me on the first train because they had already hit their max of 2 bikes. Is this enforced on the Waterloo trains for such a short journey?

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        Andy Henderson

        My experience with taking bikes on trains is limited. We’ve previously taken four or five bikes at a time without problem. Might have been the time of day, might have been more obliging guards. Who knows.

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    Steve Golding

    Hi Guys, would love to join you but I have to stay and keep our builders under close scrutiny at the moment. Steve.

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    Anthony George

    Hi all, was hoping to be with you tomorrow but trying to get some decorating complete before visitors come this weekend.  If it turns out bad then I will be up for a re-run next week.

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