May 2019 ride

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      Andy Henderson

      Last year at around this time, we had a very pleasant ride to/from Petersfield. The weather’s looking good, so how about we do it again?

      As before, we’ll take two routes to Petersfield:

      1. I’ll leave HIADS at 9am to cycle to Peterfield via Butser Hill – a relatively easy hill over the Downs
      2. Those not wanting to cycle the whole way should meet at HIADS at 10am with a view to catching the 10.40 train from Havant (or, perhaps, the earlier 10.34) to Petersfield.

      There are, of course, other ways to join the train including: parking at The Ship; and getting a train from Portsmouth (for members that live there).

      We’ll meet in Café Mezzo – on the south side of the High Street a short distance to the west of the junction with Dragon Street.

      We have two obvious routes back:

      1. Up Butser Hill – a short but very steep hill. Pushing up is not a great hardship and, from the top, it’s a pleasant route back to Rowlands Castle.
      2. Through the Butser Cutting – a shared walking and cycling path so no traffic. Not as steep a hill, but longer. From the end of the cutting we can choose between a short route alongside the A3 or we could go back via Chalton meeting up with the Butser Hill route.

      Last year we split into two groups that each took one of these routes and we met up at the George in Finchdean. I suggest we have a discussion about routes when we meet in Petersfield.


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      Christine Roberts

      Hi Andy,

      I would be keen to cycle Tuesday & might try both ways….There is always the train….whichever direction

      See you @ HIADS  9.00am

      Chris Roberts

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      Peter Haskell

      Intend to take the train to Petersfield so all being well see you at Mezzo about 11am


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      Maggi Bridgman

      Mike will be doing this ride and I’ll leave him to decide on the route but we will both be on the social ride in Hayling on the 10th


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      Carol Carter

      Hi Andy

      We will meet you at Petersfield. We will go direct to the station and not meet at HIADS to save time.


      Gil & Carol

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      David Dodgson

      Hi Andy,

      I would like to join the ride but will probably take the train to Petersfield.



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      Anthony George

      Hi Andy,

      Sorry won’t be able to do this one, Grandad duties call.

      Have a great day.


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      Michael Bridgman

      I’m happy to cycle both ways to/from Petersfield. What time will you be at The Spring Andy?


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      Michael Bridgman

      Have decided to go up by train and meet you in Petersfield

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