October 2018 ride and workshop possibility

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      Andy Henderson

      Two suggestions for you this month:

      1. A ride around Portsea using mostly cycle paths and lanes
      2. A workshop covering some simple bike maintenance tasks

      We haven’t done this ride for a while and thought it would be a good way to take advantage of the ‘Indian summer’ we’ve been promised. The ferry is on its Winter timetable at the moment and sailings don’t work very well for our start time so I thought we could go up the Island to the Spring; west to Portsea via the Farlington cycle path; across the Hilsea lines cycle path; down the west side of Portsea (using Mike’s route); then back along the seafront cycle path (with the wind on our backs) to the ferry. There are plenty of options to stop for elevenses/early lunch on the way – we’ll just need to bear the ferry sailing times in mind.

      What do you think?

      The other suggestion comes from Mike Bridgman who sees an opportunity to support the educational side of the U3A’s mission with a cycle maintenance workshop. We could cover:

      • Looking after chains
      • Removing wheels
      • Fixing punctures
      • Chain and cassette replacement

      The last entry might seem a little advanced, but I think you’ll be surprised how easy it is. Other suggestions welcome.

      Mike and I have agreed to get together on Tuesday 16th October (morning or afternoon TBA). If you’d like to come let me know:

      • Whether you can make 16/10 and, if so, whether you prefer morning or afternoon
      • Your availability otherwise


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      Peter Haskell

      Next weeks Portsea ride looks interesting so will be up for that.  – might it include the Still and West?

      Workshop could be beneficial – am or pm ok



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      Michael Bridgman

      I’m up for both weather permitting and would prefer a morning cycling workshop session on the 16th

      Incidentally, the annual bicycle ride as part of the Portsmouth 60+ Festival will also be cycling around Portsmouth on Tuesday morning which we may meet along the way!


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      Definitely up for the cycle workshop. Enjoy the Portsea island rides. Been missing out on doing the Hayling circuit lately though!  The 16th of October is good for me especially in the morning.


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      Carol Carter


      We like the idea of the Portsea ride. Not around on 16th October. See you all next week at 10am at the Station theatre.


      Gil & Carol

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      David Dodgson

      The Portsea ride sounds good so definitely up for that on 2nd.

      Would have liked to do workshop but fairly doubtful that I can make 16th.



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      Christine Roberts

      Hi Andy

      I am up for both ride & workshop.

      Chris R

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      Anthony George

      Will be there tomorrow.  What will be the venue for the workshop? I am interested and can supply samples of various special tools if required.


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      Andy Henderson

      We have a quorum for the workshop on the 16th so I’ve added an event to the web site here.

      It will be at my house (we might have to postpone or look for a different location if the weather’s not good). Click the ‘Venue’ link when logged-in to the web site to see my address.


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      Maggi Bridgman

      Hi, Andy. As Mike, Martine and I are coming from Portsmouth and at least Mike and I will use the ferry, I was wondering whether you would consider starting the session on the 16th at 10.30. If you were to do that we could use the 10.10 ferry and be with you on time. Otherwise we would have to get up early, something I’m not good at (!) and catch the 9.10 ferry which would mean us arriving much too early at your house….Pleeaasse consider making the time half an hour later.

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        Andy Henderson

        Mike and I discussed this on Tuesday and agreed we’d keep the 10am start (we have quite a lot to get through) but stagger it so you won’t miss anything.

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