October 2020 ride

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      Andy Henderson

      The weather forecast for next Tuesday isn’t great, but could easily change (for better or worse) between now and then.

      How about a ride to Stansted? My preference is for the new café in the garden centre unless it turns out to be sunny.

      We’re still limited to six riders. I can do both the 6th and the 13th so, as before, if you can let me know your availability on both days I can try to organise a second ride if it’s over-subscribed.

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      Maggi Bridgman

      Hi, Andy. I can do the 13th but not the 6th so hopefully we can all fit in one group or the other.


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      David Dodgson

      Hi Andy,

      I can definitely make the 6th . I am a bit more doubtful for 13th. I am waiting for confirmation of an appointment which will be sometime week beginning 13th. Will probably be okay for 13th but cannot be sure. Happy to take my chances on whichever day you decide.

      Best wishes


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      Robert Hornby

      Hi Andy, I can make the 13th only should that date prove ok for you. Cheers Bob

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      Peter Haskell

      Hi Andy 

      Can do either date and yes fine with Stansted

      Hope weather cooperates



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      Carol Carter

      Hi Andy
      I would prefer  the 6th.  Just me, not Gil this month.

      Best wishes


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      Michael Bridgman

      Hi Andy

      I can make the 13th ok


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      Ann Kent

      Hi Andy, I am still not receiving your emails, Carol has kindly forwarded details of proposed ride.

      i would like to come on the 6th unless the weather turns out to be dreadful.




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      Hi Andy,

      I would like to join you on the 6th weather depending. I am also free on the 13th.



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      Andy Henderson

      That’s nicely split:

      For tomorrow (6th):

      • Me
      • Ann
      • Carol
      • David
      • Martine
      • Peter (I assume you’d prefer to ride with a good weather forecast rather than take pot luck next week)

      For next week (13th):

      • Me
      • Bob
      • Maggi
      • Mike

      See you then,


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