September 2019 ride

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    Andy Henderson

    The possibility of an Isle of Wight ride has come up a few times. How about this:

    1. Catch the 9:50 sailing of the Hayling Ferry
    2. Ride to the Hard (about 5 miles)
    3. Catch the 11:15 sailing of the Fastcat to Ryde
    4. Cycle from Ryde to Seaview via Puckpool Park

    Then I would offer a choice:

    1. Retrace the ride back to Ryde (someone would need to lead the riders wanting to do that)
    2. Continue with me over some hills to the Red Squirrel Trail and then to Newport where we would ride to Fishbourne via a direct (ish) route

    Option 1 is just 6 miles and flat.

    Option 2 is 27 miles and not flat. It is the reverse of the Portsmouth CTC ‘easy’ ride we did last month – you can see the route, height and gradient graphs here.

    When we get to Newport – if the ride is feeling particularly adventurous, we could take the old railway line down to Cowes and get to Fishbourne via the floating bridge and some more hills – but we would do that only if everyone is keen.

    I’ve no experience of eating in Seaview, but there are several places, plus there are eating possibilities all the way back along the seafront and, of course, in Ryde.

    On the Red Squirrel Trail there is Pedallers in Langbridge (which we’d get to around 2pm) and various other options on the way.

    So, what do you think?


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    Peter Haskell

    Would be happy to do the red squirrel ride in reverse


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    David Dodgson

    Option 2 sounds good to me.


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    I would love to join you on the island however I need to get back for an afternoon dental appointment.



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    Christine Roberts

    I am happy to go with option 2 ,but will  go anyway….

    Chris Roberts

    Chris Roberts

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    Robert Hornby

    It sounds good to me, her in doors is not very happy, its her birthday!!! But I have bought her a pressie and taking her out for dinner later, if I can still walk!!

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    Ann Kent

    Hi Andy sounds really good, I was planning on coming and very much looking forward to it, unfortunately however something has come up which means I cannot join you on Tuesday. Have a good day. Ann

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    Mike Bridgman

    Unfortunately we won’t be able to join you on this occasion but hope you have a fun ride on our beloved isle

    Mike & Maggi

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    Carol Carter


    We have to be back late afternoon as we are out in the evening so only plan to go to Seaview and back so will meet you at Hayling ferry.

    Gil and Carol

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