Hand bells

Availability: Open to new members

Group leader: Derek Dunn - Contact Derek

The U3A handbell team, Bell Canto when we play at concerts, has been running for nearly 12 years. During that time it has recorded two CDs, performed 3 radio programmes, joined the Solent Fellowship Band in five major concerts, played regularly at The URC church for the Lions Annual late night shopping event in Mengham, and played in more than a few churches and care homes.

And as well as enjoying some good music the group has melded together as great friends very welcoming to new members.

Sadly time has caught up on us and two of our much loved older members can no longer play, and a third has left the area in order to care for an elderly relative.

And so for the first time for a very long time we have several vacancies. If you can read music it helps, but as long as you are willing to learn to read the bell music, in no way complicated as there is but one line to read, you will be able to take a full part in the team very quickly.

We meet every other Friday morning from 10 till noon. And the mid-session flap-jacks are regarded the best in the country!

Please contact Derek to learn more.