Update for members using BT Internet

Back in November and December 2017, BT Internet started rejecting most of our monthly update emails as 'looking like spam'.

We tried to get help from BT. It was quick to point out what it thought were problems in our emails but when we gave evidence that we are obeying all their recommendations, the response was silence. There is no appeal and - unlike other large email service providers - it has no capability to whitelist our emails (to ensure they get through).

We have changed the way we send emails to BT Internet addresses and this might resolve the rejection problem - we'll see. However, I can confirm that all other emails - including those sent by group leaders - have been accepted by BT.

Unfortunately, I'm now getting reports that some of our emails are going to BT spam folders when there was no problem before. Worse, depending on how you receive emails, you might be unaware that's happening. Fortunately, you can take steps to prevent our emails going to spam. Click here to see a document that explains the problem; go to the bottom of the page to see the suggested actions for users of BT Internet. Please implement those suggestions. You will be helping yourself and other members who use BT Internet.