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Christmas bulletin

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Welcome to the Christmas Bulletin 2020. As you know we normally have a Christmas Newsletter but with the current situation, finding articles for a full-scale publication is more difficult so we thought that we would send you all a Christmas Message and give you an up date on our plans for the New Year.

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New discussion forum

To all group leaders...

I've added a new discussions forum here. The forum is visible only to HIU3A members who have logged-in to the site. It is not visible to the public.

It allows groups that don't physically meet to continue to discuss matters - albeit at a slow pace.

For example, someone from a book group could start a discussion on this month's book by adding their views on it and inviting comments from other members of the group.

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Announcements and notices at the Feb 20th Monthly U3A Meeting

Maura Chapman presented a Certificate of Achievement to Mike and Jill Burnham for all their hard work and dedication to the production of the two Hayling Island U3A books and the successful exhibitions. Sue Humphrey provided a brief overview of their work as an introduction.

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