Your profile

Your profile is a page maintained by the web site that allows you to update:

  • Your name and nickname (preferred name)
  • Email address
  • Password
  • How¬†your contact details appear on the web site:
    • Not at all
    • Only to fellow group members
    • Only to U3A members
  • Phone and mobile numbers
  • Postal address and postcode
  • Emergency contacts
  • Whether you want to see emails sent to all U3A members
  • For each group you belong to, whether you want to receive emails sent to that group

Our web site software requires everyone to have an email address. For members that don't have an email address - or who don't want to provide one - we can use email address

When you update your profile, the rest of the site gets updated immediately. So, for example, any new emails sent from the site automatically use your new email address.

We provide detailed notes about updating your profile here.

You can see, and update your profile from the members' area. There's a link to it in the 'Member services' menu in the members' area, and in the footer of every page in the members' area.